How to access 'Azure File share' from browser?‎

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Hi Team,

Is there a way to access "Azure File Share" from browser for end users?

All the online articles are suggesting to mount the file share in server and then use it, but we want our users to access files directly in browser and no need to mount on servers.

Azure Files
Azure Files
An Azure service that offers file shares in the cloud.
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  1. Deepanshu katara 6,470 Reputation points

    Hi Pradeep ,

    A file share can be accessed via browser if the application uses REST APIs.

    There isn't a native solution that will allow users to access your Azure File Share outside of what's been mentioned below. The reason being is that File Share is an SMB protocol implementation that can't be accessed over HTTP, like you can with blobs. If you want to provide a UI access to Azure File Share, you can use these examples as guidance for implementing a custom solution.

    Here are the ways to access Azure Files.

    What are different ways to access files in Azure Files?

    You can mount the file share on your local machine by using the SMB 3.0 protocol, or you can use tools like Storage Explorer to access files in your file share. From your application, you can use storage client libraries, REST APIs, PowerShell, or Azure CLI to access your files in the Azure file share.

    More information here:

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  2. Nehruji R 3,806 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hello Pradeep Mishra,

    Greetings! Welcome to Microsoft Q&A Platform

    I understand that you would like to access the Azure file share via browser but while native browser access to Azure File Shares isn’t directly supported, there are alternative approaches you can consider:

    Azure File Shares use the SMB protocol, which cannot be accessed directly over HTTP like blobs. Therefore, a custom solution or tools like Storage Explorer are your best options for enabling browser-based access to Azure File Shares. If you choose to build a custom solution, you can create a custom web application that interacts with the Azure File Share using REST APIs. This way, end users can access files via a browser interface.

    Azure File Sync enables synchronization between an Azure file share and an on-premises file server.By setting up Azure File Sync, you can provide web access to the file share using Azure File Sync’s cloud endpoint. Users can then access files through a web interface.

    Although not a direct browser access, Azure Storage Explorer is a desktop application that allows you to manage Azure storage resources, including file shares. Users can install Storage Explorer and access the file share from their local machine.

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