Need help in accessing Azure document intelligence through Java SDK, help guides are little confusing, please help

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Hi Team,

We are planning to access the Azure document intelligence instance using Java SDK, I followed the help guide for creating the gradle project, however I am getting confused in below section. I am new to Java, can you please explain in detail on what should be done

Install the client library

This quickstart uses the Gradle dependency manager. You can find the client library and information for other dependency managers on the Maven Central Repository.

Open the project's build.gradle.kts file in your IDE. Copay and past the following code to include the client library as an implementation statement, along with the required plugins and settings.


   plugins {
   application {
   repositories {
   dependencies {
       implementation group: '', name: 'azure-ai-documentintelligence', version: '1.0.0-beta.2'


Please let me know how can i add the 
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Azure AI Document Intelligence
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