Editing an Excel file without tables using MSGraph API

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Hi all,

I want to use the MSGraph API in order to edit excel files on Sharepoint. I now see that you need a workbookTable_id in order to use the python function:

result = await graph_client.drives.by_drive_id('drive-id').items.by_drive_item_id('driveItem-id').workbook.tables.by_workbook_table_id('workbookTable-id').rows.by_workbook_table_row_id('workbookTableRow-id').patch(request_body)

The workbook we work with however, do not always contain tables since it acts weird in the browser version (which most of my colleagues use).

My question now is, is having a table mandatory in order to use MSGraph API and if so, is it maybe possible to read the excel file using the MSGraph API and convert it into a Pandas dataframe? Because then, after editing, I can upload it back on Sharepoint.

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