Desktop shortcuts on Onedrive - Company\Desktop-FAB missing after FSLogix redirection to ODFC, how to fix?

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We have a VMWare VDI solution and using VMWare DEM for the the shortcuts. The Desktop is redirecteds to the %userprofile%\OneDrive - company\Desktop-FAB. We have several VDI pools and each of them have it own Desktop. So the Desktop-FAB is then used for the main production environment. The Onedrive\Desktop folder is used for PC devices.

This will happen when a user logs on/off

  1. DEM creates the Desktop shortcuts in folder %userprofile%\OneDrive - Company\Desktop-FAB
    1. At this moment the FSLogix ODFC_%username%.vhdx is not mounted, so shortcuts is then created in the users Profile_%username%.vhdx
  2. At some point after the DEM is finished the ODFC is mounted and redirects the %userprofile%\OneDrive - Company into the ODFC folder OneDrive\Files\Business1
    1. When this happens all shortcuts created by DEM is gone. Nothing created under %userprofile%\OneDrive - Company in the Profile_%username%.vhdx is now visible
    2. We have to run DEM ShortCut refresh as a Startup shortcut in order to create/refresh the shortcuts on the user Desktop. A time consuming process we should have been without.
  3. At logoff the ODFC is dismounted before DEM does it's cleanup
    1. DEM is configured to delete all Desktop shortcuts at logoff
    2. If access to an application/service is removed for a user, we don't want the shortcut for this application/service to exist on the Desktop. Since DEM compared to GPO don't have any Delete option on single shortcuts, the only way is to delete all shortcuts created at logoff, recreate all at logon.

Until recently the users have had their desktop redirected to their \server\users%username%\Desktop-FAB where many users have saved a lot of documents. Over the past couple of months all users have been moved to OneDrive cloud. By redirecting Desktop to the OneDrive - Company\Desktop-FAB users would still find their documents at the VDI desktop as before moved. That's the main reason why we have redirected the Desktop to the OneDrive.

So the question is, have we done something wrong or is this by design that everything created in the %userprofile%\OneDrive - Company in the Profile_%username%.vhdx is gone when the ODFC mount's.

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