How to Report Incorrect Location on Microsoft Entra

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FullFibre is an ISP and infrastructure provider for a number of retail brands including BeFibre in the UK. We are receiving many issues from our customers who want to connect to their work VPN. We have identified a range of IP's that Full Fibre Ltd owns and legitimately has published as a UK location, but Microsoft Entra (Azure) is showing an incorrect location of Los Angeles, California, US. This is causing frustration and issues for the users that are subject to the UK only conditional access policies if they happen to have the Full Fibre service. At least these IP ranges are (CGNAT external IP) and (Static IP).

Most legit IP lookup\whois sites are showing the proper UK location for those IP's, but not Microsoft.

This bring up 2 questions as we have tried many avenues to beg for the location info to be updated.

  1. Where does Microsoft obtain or how do they maintain their geolocation data that is used for Microsoft Entra based platforms?
  2. Where\how do we contact Microsoft to advise them of bad location information for IP's?

This is a screenshot of the logs from a customer organization utilizing Microsoft Entra.

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  1. Raja Pothuraju 550 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hello @Saber Saadatfard,

    Thank you for reaching out to us.

    I understand that as an ISP and infrastructure provider, you have received numerous complaints from customers unable to connect to their work VPN. It appears that Microsoft Entra ID has recently displayed incorrect location details for certain IP ranges, specifically (CGNAT external IP) and (Static IP). Consequently, users were unable to access their accounts due to conditional access policies.

    To prevent such occurrences in the future, the quickest course of action is to raise a support ticket through the Azure Portal. A Microsoft support representative will then assist you in resolving the issue.

    Unfortunately, there are no online support ticket options available without a Microsoft login. Accessing Microsoft support necessitates having a Microsoft account.

    Based on the information available, the affected IP addresses should be updated with the correct location. If the issue persists, please don't hesitate to log a support case through the Azure Portal from any of your customer tenants.

    I hope this addresses all your concerns and provides the necessary information.

    Raja Pothuraju.

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  1. Saber Saadatfard 20 Reputation points

    Hi Miguel,

    Unfortunately, as an ISP, we don't have access to the Azure portal, which seems to be the primary support channel for Entra ID issues.

    This issue is significantly impacting our customers' ability to access essential services. We have a large number of affected users and require a prompt resolution.

    Since we lack access to the Azure portal, we'd appreciate information on alternative support channels for Entra ID issues that don't require a Microsoft account.

    1. Are there any online support tickets that can be raised without requiring a Microsoft login?
    2. Does Microsoft offer dedicated support channels for partners like ISPs facing customer issues with Entra ID?

    We understand the potential challenges of handling support requests without a direct Microsoft account. However, the urgency of this issue necessitates exploring alternative avenues.

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