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Are there any enterprise tools that can produce a management friendly report to highlight workstation devices in your domain that will not be compatible for upgrading to windows 11 prior to the end of support for window 10?

Or do you simply plan to procure new hardware at that point and install Windows 11 on new kit?

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Windows 10
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  1. prashant chalke 235 Reputation points

    Hi, Have you checked or tested PC Health Check app in order to test if the pc meets system requirements for windows 11.

    link :

    I hope this will help you.

    App Snap.

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  1. Vishal Jhaveri 0 Reputation points

    Let’s explore some options:

    Microsoft Intune Reports:

    • With Microsoft Intune, you can generate compatibility reports for Windows 10 and Windows 11 updates. These reports help you understand compatibility risks associated with upgrades or updates:
      - **Windows feature update device readiness report**: Provides per-device information about compatibility risks.
            - **Windows feature update compatibility risks report**: Offers a summary view of top compatibility risks across your organization.
               - [Prerequisites include proper licensing and device configuration]([1](
               **PC Health Check App**:
                  - If you’re currently running Windows 10, the **PC Health Check app** provides a comprehensive eligibility check for Windows 11. It informs you whether your device meets the minimum system requirements.
                     - You’ll receive details on why your device is or isn’t eligible, along with guidance if your device falls short.
                        - [You can find the app by searching for “PC Health Check” in Windows or downloading it from ]([here]([2](
                        **Third-Party Tools**:
                           - Consider using third-party tools like **WhyNotWin11** or **alternative Windows 11 compatibility checkers**. [These tools provide detailed information about compatibility, allowing you to assess your PCs effectively]([3]([4](

    Regarding your second question, while upgrading existing hardware to Windows 11 is possible, it’s essential to verify compatibility first. If some devices don’t meet the requirements, you might need to consider procuring new hardware for a smoother transition. Remember that Windows 10 support will end, so planning ahead is crucial! 🚀🔍

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