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Hello, I would need to be able to view and print a pdf that is hosted on a server. The url of the pdf will be sent to the app.

To view it I am using a Webview with the following prefix as Source:

pdfview.Source = ""

This webview shows me a print icon, but it does nothing.

How could I activate it?

Is there another way in .net maui to print a pdf?

Thank you

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  1. Wenyan Zhang (Shanghai Wicresoft Co,.Ltd.) 29,046 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor


    Currently MAUI does not have the print API to print PDF or HTML documents, you need to tap into Android native library and expose this feature for your App.

    You could refer to Printing HTML documents and Printing custom documents to get details about how to print HTML/PDF documents by native way.

    Then, you could invoke this Android native print function in your MAUI application. You could refer to Invoke platform code.

    Please refer to How to print PDF/HTML in MAUI? - Microsoft Q&A

    Best Regards,

    Wenyan Zhang

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  1. 感恩的❤ 155 Reputation points

    Let's suppose you're now using PDF4NETView, so:

     // Load the PDF file.
                PDFFile file = PDFFile.Open("..\\..\\..\\..\\..\\SupportFiles\\MulticolumnTextAndImages.pdf");
                // Create a default printer settings to print on the default printer.
                PrintQueue printQueue = new LocalPrintServer().DefaultPrintQueue;
                PDFPrintSettings pdfPrintSettings = new PDFPrintSettings(printQueue);
                Random rand = new Random();
                pdfPrintSettings.PageScaling = PageScaling.MultiplePagesPerSheetProportional;
                printQueue.DefaultPrintTicket.Collation = Collation.Collated;
                //printQueue.DefaultPrintTicket.CopyCount = 3;
                pdfPrintSettings.Rows = 2;
                pdfPrintSettings.Columns = 1;
                pdfPrintSettings.AutoRotate = false;
                // Print the PDF file.

    For more, please read the full example here: