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Want to know if the code read by Copilot can output it to third parties.

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  1. Amira Bedhiafi 19,626 Reputation points

    GitHub Copilot is designed to assist developers by suggesting code snippets and entire functions based on the context provided in the code editor. Regarding your question about whether the code read by Copilot can be output to third parties, here are some key points:

    1. GitHub Copilot does not output your specific code to third parties. The tool processes code snippets locally on your machine, and the data used to train Copilot is aggregated and anonymized.
    2. Copilot is trained on a vast amount of publicly available code, which includes code from public repositories on GitHub. This means it can generate code suggestions based on patterns and examples it has seen in public code.
    3. The code suggestions provided by Copilot are generated on the fly and are not directly taken from specific source code. However, there is a possibility that suggestions might closely resemble existing public code snippets due to the nature of the training data.
    4. Users should review and validate the suggestions provided by Copilot to ensure they meet their specific requirements and adhere to intellectual property laws.
    5. For enterprises, it's important to consider regulatory compliance and internal policies regarding the use of AI-powered tools like Copilot. Organizations can manage and configure how Copilot interacts with their codebase through GitHub settings

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