There is a red wavy line but there is no error. Bug or settings?

zzzhhh 40 Reputation points
void ff(int* p) { std::cout<< *p; };
void ff(unsigned int i) { i++; }
void func(void (&&fp)(int*)) { int i = 6; fp(&i); }	//no other overloaded versions of func

I compiled with no error or warning, but there is a wavy line indicating an error when calling func(ff);:

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I don't like it because I expect Visual Studio IDE should not display the wavy line when there is no error. Is this a bug so there is no hope to fix it, or is there any settings of VS that can turn off the red wavy line when there is no error?

I am using Visual Studio 2019 Version 16.11.36 on Windows 10. Thanks.

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  1. RLWA32 42,796 Reputation points

    I cut and pasted the posted code into a minimal VS2019 console application . There were no Intellisense errors in the display and no errors when building -


    Have you tried right clicking the project node in solution explorer and selecting "Rescan Solution"? If you hover the mouse over the red squiggles is an error displayed?

    Another place to look is in the Error List when set to display Build+Intellisense messages.

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  2. Anna Xiu-MSFT 27,721 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @zzzhhh

    Welcome to Microsoft Q&A! 

    Please close all running VS instances and manually delete the hidden .vs, bin and obj folders in the project folder.

    Then, clean and rebuild the solution. 

    If you have any third-party extensions installed, please disable or uninstall the installed extensions under Extensions > Manage Extensions > Installed



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  3. zzzhhh 40 Reputation points

    My bad. There is another func function hidden far away in the source file that caused the overloading issue.

    How nice it would be if there is a brown color on the margin of VS IDE that marks all the overloaded functions when I click the func call.

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