error="invalid_token", error_description="The issuer '' is invalid"

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Related Issue:

I am trying to call a protected method on my api and I get the error shown in the title.

Protected API method being called:

	[Authorize(AuthenticationSchemes = "AzureAdB2C")]
	public ActionResult<string> SecureIdentity()
		return new ActionResult<string>(...));

API Auth configuration (this was working for several years exactly as shown here until it stopped because something changed on Azure):

	 // This configuration is necessary because we are using two jwt handlers - One for user auth, the other for machine-to-machine.

		 .AddJwtBearer("AzureAdB2C", options =>
			 options.Authority = Configuration["AzureAdB2C:Instance"] + Configuration["AzureAdB2C:Domain"] + "/" + Configuration["AzureAdB2C:SignUpSignInPolicyId"] + "/v2.0";

			 options.Audience = Configuration["AzureAdB2C:ClientId"];
		 .AddMicrosoftIdentityWebApi(Configuration, "AzureAd"); // machine-to-machine

	 services.AddAuthorization(options =>
	 // The application should only allow tokens which roles claim contains "DaemonAppRole")

		 options.AddPolicy("DaemonAppRole", policy => policy.RequireRole("DaemonAppRole"));

API Azure config:

"AzureAd": {
"Instance": "",
"Domain": "",
"TenantId": "22914068-b6f0-4fee-a0e6-e8df19bb78a1",
"ClientId": "2063c9dc-d405-45d8-ac06-6e75f60a2ef7"

Azure config of calling App:

"AzureAD": {
// Configuration for Client Credentials flow - interaction between WebAPIController in this project and MyDomain.Web
"Instance": "",
"Tenant": "",
"ClientId": "e00c59f8-332d-4733-a879-8ed3451324c2",
"ClientSecret": "R8c8Q~vI1V8URsuULDYCbkZ",
"CertificateName": "[Or instead of client secret: Enter here the name of a certificate (from the user cert store) as registered with your application]",
"APIBaseAddress": "https://localhost:5010",
"APIScope": "api://2063c9dc-d405-45d8-ac06-6e75f60a2ef7/.default"

Calling app httpClient is built as follows:

   app = ConfidentialClientApplicationBuilder.Create(config.ClientId)

   httpClient = HttpClientFactory.Create(new TokenExpiryHandler(config, app));
   httpClient.BaseAddress = new Uri(config.APIBaseAddress);
   HttpResponseMessage response = await httpClient.GetAsync("api/status/SecureIdentity");

The API as defined on Azure does have this role defined: "DaemonAppRole"

The API as defined on Azure does have this api exposed: "access_as_user"

The client app as defined on Azure does have api permission: "access_as_user"

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