Is match with part of cell possible by a setting?

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Does Excel have a setting so that there is a match in the functions XMATCH and XLOOKUP (and other such functions) even if the search string only partially matches the value in the lookup_array?

Example: Something so that ´XMATCH("Alex";$B$2:$B:$300)´ matches not only exact "Alex" but also "Alexia".

I know, that XMATCH("Alex*";$B$2:$B:$300;2) does this, but it cannot be combined with binary search, whereas XMATCH("Alex";$B$2:$B:$300;0;2) is possible.

OpenDocument Format as a global setting ´table:search-criteria-must-apply-to-whole-cell´ (true/false) for that.

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  1. Emi Zhang-MSFT 23,906 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor


    For XLOOKUP have the [match_mode], the specify the match type:

    0 - Exact match. If none found, return #N/A. This is the default.

    -1 - Exact match. If none found, return the next smaller item.

    1 - Exact match. If none found, return the next larger item.

    2 - A wildcard match where *, ?, and ~ have special meaning.

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