How to find Azure subscription key and service region for setting AZURE_SUBSCRIPTION_KEY and AZURE_SERVICE_REGION?

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I want to know what the Azure subscription key and Azure service region are, and how to locate them. I need to find this information to set the AZURE_SUBSCRIPTION_KEY and AZURE_SERVICE_REGION variables. Can someone provide instructions or resources on how to find this information?

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  1. Marcin Policht 17,615 Reputation points MVP

    There is no Azure subscription key - presumably you're referring to Azure subscription id. For that, refer to

    There is also no Azure service region - Azure is a global public cloud - it supports multiple regions. For that, refer to

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  2. Roger Wehage 0 Reputation points

    I resolved the problem by trial and error. Even though I had set up an Azure billing account, which has this long string of characters, following a yellow key symbol, and a region statement relating to the local language, they are not what AZURE_SUBSCRIPTION_KEY and AZURE_SERVICE_REGION needed. Instead, I was supposed to set up a python resource and tell it to use my Azure billing account. And this python resource generated the required AZURE_SUBSCRIPTION_KEY and AZURE_SERVICE_REGION information. After I copied the new key and "centralus" region string into my manim python file everything worked as expected. If I had seen a step-by-step example somewhere, it could have saved me several hours of frustration.

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