App Service "GET /" Causing 404 Error Every ~13 Seconds

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I have an Express API hosted via App Service, which has worked great so far, but after enabling Automatic option for the Scale out method (Web App>Settings>Scale Out) I've noticed a few pings occurring on different endpoint, for example, GET /admin/host/ping & GET /. These two GET requests were pinging my API every 13 seconds and, while not an impact to performance, is causing my logs and Application Insights to bloat with 404 errors.

I was able to resolve GET /admin/host/ping by following the solution here: As for GET /, I have been unable to find a solution to this annoyance.

More information about my App Service:


  • Stack: Node
  • Major Version: Node 20
  • Minor Version: Node 20 LTS
  • ...
  • Always on: Off
  • ...

Solutions tried so far:

  • Application Insights>Investigate>Availability, I have added a Classic Test to a valid endpoint which is currently working. (This is the method used in the link above to resolve the GET /admin/host/ping requests.)
  • Enabled Health Check and setup the Health Probe Path to a valid endpoint.

While this is not a critical issue, it is causing my logs and Application Insights to become cluttered with 70k+ 404 errors (as of writing). So, if anyone has experience with this or something similar I would appreciate your assistance.

Thank you!

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