Question 2 on the knowledge check - why would a question be asked that the answer wasnt given in the learning module?

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As the Desktop Administrator for Contoso, Holly Dickson is using Intune to help monitor and manage the company's device configuration profiles. One of the company's devices has been experiencing issues that Holly feels is related to a configuration policy setting that's applied to the device. In the Microsoft Intune admin center, Holly navigated to a view of the company's devices, selected the device in question, displayed the configuration policies that apply to the device, and then selected the policy that she feels may be the problem. By doing so, Holly can see any setting in the policy that has a "Conflict" state. What else is displayed regarding the conflicted setting that can help Holly troubleshoot this issue? 


All the conflicted devices 

Incorrect. This item isn't displayed. Try again. 

All the profiles that have any type of conflict 

All the profiles that have the conflicted setting 

Correct. In Devices > All devices, Holly can see any policy settings that are causing a conflict. When there's a conflict, she's also shown all the configuration profiles that contain this setting. By knowing the conflicting setting and the policies that include that setting, it should be easier to resolve the conflict. 

But the answer wasn't ANYWHERE in the learning module before the question was asked - making the only option to GUESS what the answer was.

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