How to fix Cannot find a VM for task 'NFCORE_RNASEQ:RNASEQ:PREPARE_GENOME:UNTAR_SALMON_INDEX (salmon.tar.gz)' matching these requirements: type=Standard_E20ads_v5, cpus=1, mem=6 GB, location=germanywestcentral ?

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Bug report

I am trying to use Azure batch with Nextflow and Seqera, but I cant initiate any job because of wrong VM name, location name or not matching any VM of this name at the specific region.

Expected behavior and actual behavior

I am running this command as a test to check my Azure batch config at the Nextflow level:

nextflow run nf-core/rnaseq -profile test,docker -c .nextflow/azure_batch_19_06.config --outdir "az://firstcontainer/testrun_19_06/" -w "az://firstcontainer/work_19_06" -with-tower

My config file:

// Scale formula to use low-priority nodes only.
lowPriorityScaleFormula = '''
    lifespan = time() - time("{{poolCreationTime}}");
    interval = TimeInterval_Minute * {{scaleInterval}};
    $samples = $PendingTasks.GetSamplePercent(interval);
    $tasks = $samples < 70 ? max(0, $PendingTasks.GetSample(1)) : max($PendingTasks.GetSample(1), avg($PendingTasks.GetSample(interval)));
    $targetVMs = $tasks > 0 ? $tasks : max(0, $TargetLowPriorityNodes/2);
    targetPoolSize = max(0, min($targetVMs, {{maxVmCount}}));
    $TargetLowPriorityNodes = lifespan < interval ? {{vmCount}} : targetPoolSize;
    $TargetDedicatedNodes = 0;
    $NodeDeallocationOption = taskcompletion;

process {
    executor = 'azurebatch'
    container = 'nfcore/rnaseq:latest'
    queue = 'Standard_E4_2ads_v5'
    withLabel:process_low {queue = 'Standard_E4_2ads_v5'}
    withLabel:process_medium {queue = 'Standard_E8_4ads_v5'}
    withLabel:process_high {queue = 'Standard_E16_8ads_v5'}
    withLabel:process_high_memory {queue = 'Standard_E32_16ads_v5'}
azure {
        storage {
                accountName = "
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