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Good afternoon,

I can't connect to my Azure SQL Database when trying to connect via MSSQL Management Studio or Azure Data Studio - see error attachment.

After speaking with my network team, they have come back saying that the traffic is reaching the IPs

UK West -,,  -,,
UK West -,,  -,,

They have asked as to check nothing is being blocked on the other end... I have made sure our IPs are whitelisted in the networking settings of the server.

Our network team has firewall rules in place that allows outbound traffic to IPs and subnets above on port 1433. In theory this should work. Do you know if there has been any recent changes to Microsoft firewalls overnight.

Interestingly, running a telnet command to the server on port 1433 works! Example of the command I run to test connectivity:

telnet 1433

Is there anyway within the Azure portal to check if the resource allow incoming traffic from specific IPs? I would like to provide evidence to our network team that there is nothing blocking traffic on Azure. Or if there are any other port that our network team should be opening please let me know.



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  1. Rahul Randive 9,176 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @Cristopher Aguilera

    You can run Azure SQL Connectivity Checker

    This PowerShell script will run some connectivity checks from your machine to the server and database.

    It performs an end-to-end connection check. It checks for your certificates, gateway connections and then connects to your master database, user databases and then also performs pre-login checks and in addition, it also allows us to capture the network trace for it. This gives us a clear idea of where the connection is failing.

    Thank You!

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