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Robert Sullivan 11 Reputation points

I need to install two custom keyboard layouts.
My two custom keyboard layouts are not generated from MSKLC.

I would like to install my Keyboard Layouts so they appear within
the 'Language Bar'.

Simply copying the Keyboard Layouts into \Windows\System32 and
creating registry entries under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Keyboard Layouts
allows one to load the Keyboard Layout, but the Keyboard Layout does not appear within the Language Bar.

Creating a Keyboard Layout within MSKLC and installing it with the created package does make
the Keyboard Layout appear within the Language Bar.

Rather then asking a whole bunch of questions, It would be much simpler is Microsoft simply
released the source code for the Custom.dll which is embedded within the MKLSC generated .msi.

Could you please release this source code?

Thank you.

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Windows API - Win32
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  1. Alan Sinclair 11 Reputation points

    YES! YES! YES!

    Microsoft please do release the source code for CustomActionDll which MSKLC puts in the MSIs it generates. An opportunity to view that code would save many hours and much frustration.

    @Drake Wu - MSFT
    @Rita Han - MSFT

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  2. Robert Sullivan 11 Reputation points

    Alan, see my stackoverflow post.
    Rita has some new comments.
    I added a comment directing her directly to this post.

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  3. Robert Sullivan 11 Reputation points

    So, I made my request for the source code for the CustomActionDll contained within MSKLC generated .msi's.
    I made the request close to a month ago.

    Does anyone from Microsoft even read these posts?

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  4. Rimas Kudelis 1 Reputation point

    Seeing how MSKLC is not being worked on anymore, it would be super awesome if Microsoft open-sourced it as a whole. But if that's not possible, open-sourcing at least KbdMsi.dll would also be very welcome.