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I have new activity to migrate 900 Linux VMs from Vmware to Hyper v 2019

what are the considerations and limitations for this migration process?

Can i migrate all Linux VMs or i have some sort of unsupported VMs?

our Linux VMs are mix of Linux (Centos , redhat , oracle Linux ,etc) with different versions

I need some references and recommendations to go through it

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  1. Dave Patrick 426.1K Reputation points MVP

    You'll find the supported Linux and FreeBSD virtual machines listed here.

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  2. Evgenij Smirnov 541 Reputation points


    what tools are you planning on using for your migration? Depending on your Linux variants, their versions and configuration, you are liable to run into issues with

    • timekeeping
    • LVM configurations
    • MAC address changes

    In my experience, a backup/restore strategy using a backup solution that does bare metal restore for your Linux variants yields better results that direct conversion. But your mileage, of course, may vary.

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  3. Iraê César Brandão 6 Reputation points

    Hello VMM can convert a VMDK VMware to a VHD and the configuration of the VMware virtual machine (VMX) to VMC to virtual server or XML to Hyper-V. However, if the operating system is not on the list of supported operating systems, VMM will not have information to perform the fix-up stage, including installing the hardware-compatible drivers presented by the virtualization platform on the target machine. to do this you can use VMM to connect in vmware put vmware mv ́s in the VMM library and do the migration to Hyper-V, in my case I used software that converts from vmdk to vhd to convert the disks, created new virtual machines and atachei the converted disk. i did this with debian distributions and CentOs and worked normally, just do not forget that the network cards to work has to be legacy, if you put a normal card on hyper-v will not work.
    The operation has to be done very carefully

    I hope I helped.

    Mr. Iraê César Brandão

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  4. Xiaowei He 9,871 Reputation points


    Please check the following article about how to convert vmware vm to hyper V:

    (Please note: Information posted in the given link is hosted by a third party. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy and effectiveness of information.)

    Please backup the VM before converting the VM, in case we need to restore the VM.

    Thanks for your time!
    Best Regards,


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