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Xamarin.Forms connection from PC to mac keeps quitting before deplotment - 100s of times/day

If I can connect and upload the latest build to my ios device twice or more during an 11 hour work day - that's a good day for me.
I have the latest (preview) Visual Studio Code on both mac and PC, the latest XCode installed.
PC is connected to mac via hard-wired LAN.
Latest Xamarin.Forms nuget packages installed.
No apparent errors.

I am working on the PC, and currently testing on my iOS device.
Sometimes I reboot the iPhone, sometimes I clean and delete the /bin & /obj folders.
Sometimes I reboot.
Sometimes I stick little pins in an effagy of Steve Jobs - anything to actually have the mac hold on for the 2m it takes to deploy....

How should I diagnose this?
What should I look for in order to determine where the problem might lie?

I can't believe that millions for Xamarin developers can test only two changes per day..
(Not to mention that I can no longer debug on the device - but that's another story)

Is Xamarin.Forms ready for production? It feels like a pre-alpha hackathon moonshot to me..

Help me be able to be a part of this tech that I so much want to work! :)

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Did you check the build logs ? It locations at %LOCALAPPDATA%\Xamarin\Logs in Windows .

With the log you should be able to know the cause of that connection error .

There are many reasons for the connection failure , you could check the details in docs : .

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There's nothing very interesting in the logs as far as I can tell 42634-2020-11-25-11-37-3218280monodroid.log

I'll try some troubleshooting...
4.5 hours so far today, and not one successful deployment. Pretty standard day..

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The error is related with android sdk , could you try to remove android project and build again ?

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