Doest Microsoft automatically add copyright protection to third-party applications on the Windows store ?

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As an independent developer, I wish to sell and publish on the Windows store and have copyright protection on my application / game so that only the people who have paid it can use it.

I want to know ;

  • Does Microsoft automatically add some sort of wrapping application to my application for copyright protection ?
  • Unity provides the ability to create UWP builds, is that enough for copyright protection ?
  • If I'm building a Windows application with Unity that is not a UWP build but rather a Windows IL2CPP build, what must I do in order to add copyright protection ?
  • If microsoft provides a way to add copyright protection, how does it work ?

    Is the application locked by user on the PC (i.e. per e-mail account who bought it logged on any computer it is logged in) ?

    Is the application only installable on the PC on which it was bought ?

    Is it a combination of both ? Something else ? Please explain how it works.

  • How do I implement such copyright protection ? I have not found any recent examples with a Unity project, could you please provide one ?


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