How to obtain API keys in OneDrive

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We are planning to integrate TANDA to our OneDrive so that the Qualification Documents in TANDA will be automatically synced in our OneDrive folder. This is to avoid unnecessary manual saving of files and to ensure that the file that we have is always up-to-date and matches the one in TANDA.

Windows API - Win32
Windows API - Win32
A core set of Windows application programming interfaces (APIs) for desktop and server applications. Previously known as Win32 API.
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  1. Claudia Dos Santos Haz (CONCENTRIX CORPORATION) 1,010 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @Gail Maurice Santos,

    Thank you for reaching out to Microsoft Q&A forum!

    Certainly! To set up the integration between Tanda and Microsoft OneDrive, follow these steps:

    Configure Tanda in Azure AD:

    • Log in to your Azure portal and navigate to the app registrations page.
      • Search for “app registration” in the global search bar if needed.
        • If you haven’t configured Tanda yet, click New registration.
          • Enter the app name as “Tanda” (you can add “web” after it if desired).
            • Choose the supported account types for authentication (this determines how Azure AD authenticates users into Tanda).
              • Set the redirect URI to: 1(
                • Click Register.
                  • Note down the Application (client) ID from the overview page of the app.
                  Configure Tanda’s Special URL:
                  - Head to the **branding** section in the app registration.
                     - [Fill out the home page URL with your special URL (e.g., ]([2](
                        - Optionally upload one of Tanda’s logos.
                        **Set Authentication Settings:**
                           - In the authentication menu, ensure the following:
                                 - [Redirect URL: ]([1](
                                    - Go back to Tanda and enter your **client secret** and other required details on the [integration settings page](
                                    **Assign Permissions and Users:**
                                       - Set an application admin/owner/group in Azure (if not done already).
                                          - Assign the Tanda app to relevant users or groups.
                                             - You can assign owners from the owner’s tab in the side navigation of Azure.
                                                - Add the application to users from the enterprise applications screen (search for it in the top global search bar in Azure).
                                                **Logging In:**
                                                   - Currently, you’ll need to access the integration via your Azure Dashboard to single sign-on (SSO) into Tanda.
                                                      - You can vote for service provider initiation on the Tanda login page by requesting the feature [here](

    Remember to adapt the instructions to your specific setup, please.

    Best regards,

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