A RDS User is immediately signed out of the RDS server when logging in

Duncan Drury 25 Reputation points

I am running a Remote Desktop Server in Windows 2019, and most users have no problem accessing it.

One user however, who is based in Turkey and accesses the RDS over VPN - as soon as they login to the server they see the logging in message, briefly they see their desktop then immediately see the signing out message. In the logs I can find the user has logged in, then there is a message saying:

Session 26 has been disconnected, reason code 12

I have tried deleting the user's profile from the server, but when they log back in exactly the same thing happens. When I login using their credentials from my computer the same thing happens. When I login using my credentials no problem at all. Since I am getting the issue locally to the computer, we have discounted the VPN as being an issue.

We created a brand new account in Active Directory for the user to try, and initially this worked, but subsequent logins the same thing started happening.

Any thoughts on where else I should be looking for error messages or potential fixes for this user's problem?

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  1. Karlie Weng 16,351 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor


    It's advisable to review your Group Policy for any boot scripts or other policies that may log off his user account, especially since he is at a different location.

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  2. Stuart Bradford (Absoft) 0 Reputation points

    I am seeing the same issue with a single user being immediately signed out upon connection to any an RDS remoteApp.

    Specifically - under identical source conditions :

    • ProblemUser is able to successfully make an RDP connection to the RDS session host with mstsc.exe.
    • ProblemUser is unable to connect to any known-working RDS remoteApps
    • ProblemUser has been troubleshot to the point of complete recreation in AD - no change
    • new users created with identical process are able to successfully connect to the same RDS remoteapps.

    The log-on/log-off events look entirely as expected and there are no other event i can find of relevence.

    Given that the issue persists an entirely new user-object it does feel very GPO related but the same policies are applied to working users. There are no local rules/policies on either of the session hosts/RDgw that specifically target the ProblemUser that i can find.

    I could, of-course, create a new "ProblemUser2" account and have them use that going forward but this would constitute defeat!

    Anyone else battling this?


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