what are the benfits of microsoft copilot with data protection in an organization

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I am preparing a documentation for the use of Microsoft copilot with data protection for my organization. I will need some clarifications on the following, this answer will enable my organization make a informed desition on the use of ai and how to mature going forward:

  • What is the basic difference between Microsoft copilot and Microsoft copilot with data protection?
  • Is Microsoft copilot with data protection the same as Bing Enterprize?
  • what has Microsoft put in place to prevent the following from happening:
  1. Manipulation of the LLM.
  2. Supply chain threats using third part apps and insecure plugging.
  3. Sensitive information leakage.
  4. Compliance risk due to different data storage; cloud storage (LLM), Microsoft graph, Microsoft 365.
  • Lastly, we have E3 subscription in my organization, however when I access Microsoft copilot through my office account, I do not see the protected symbol at the top left and the 'commercial data protection applies to this chat' disclaimer below the chat box. How do I get my Microsoft copilot with data protection enabled. Is this done by the system admin, or it is meant to be automatically enable when you log in.

Looking forward to answers.

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