Winform: Two different datagridview rows getting selected when one should be selected

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I am working with winform project. i have two datagridview which has same number of columns and same structure. frist column is checkbox column.

here is code to bind two datagrid with same kind of data.

List<AllGroupNames> grpDtl = GetAllGroups(Nodes);
List<AllGroupNames> grpDtl1 = GetAllGroups(Nodes); //grpDtl.GetRange(0, grpDtl.Count);

//bind two grid with all groups name
if (_grpDtl != null && _grpDtl.Count > 0)
    dgSingleGroups.AutoGenerateColumns = false;
    dgSingleGroups.DataSource = grpDtl;
    dgSingleGroups.Columns[0].DataPropertyName = "Select";
    dgSingleGroups.Columns[1].DataPropertyName = "GroupName";
    dgSingleGroups.Columns[1].ReadOnly = true;
    dgSingleGroups.Columns[0].Width = 47;
    dgSingleGroups.Columns[1].Width = 346;

    dgAllGroups.AutoGenerateColumns = false;
    dgAllGroups.DataSource = grpDtl1;
    dgAllGroups.Columns[0].DataPropertyName = "Select";
    dgAllGroups.Columns[1].DataPropertyName = "GroupName";
    dgAllGroups.Columns[1].ReadOnly = true;
    dgAllGroups.Columns[0].Width = 47;
    dgAllGroups.Columns[1].Width = 346;

grpDtl1 = null;
grpDtl = null;
_grpDtl = null;

GetAllGroups() iterate in treeview node collection and accumulate node name.

private List<AllGroupNames> GetAllGroups(TreeNodeCollection tnCollection)
            //accumulate group name in recursive fashion
            foreach (TreeNode tn in tnCollection)
                if (tn.Tag != null)
                    if (((object)tn.Tag).GetType().ToString().Contains("TunerDetails"))
                        _grpDtl.Add(new AllGroupNames { Select = false, GroupName = tn.Text });
            return _grpDtl;

Now problem is when i check second grid checkbox then my first grid checkbox is getting checked invisibly means when i am reading first grid's first column value in loop then i am getting checkbox value true. where as i have not checked my first grid's any checkbox.

when i select any row of second grid that same row is getting automatically selected in first grid.

why it is happening i am not able to capture the reason. please help me what to change in code to get rid of this problem.

I just select one row from right side grid and same row of left side grid automatically gets selected....which is problem for me. Why two grid syncing automatically. screen shot attached.

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  1. Sudip Bhatt 2,271 Reputation points

    This problem solved. i got the clue why i was getting this error because same datasource has been used for two grid which causes the problem. now it is solved the moment i create two different datasource.

    List<...> data1 = ...;                      // shouldn't this be an BindingList<...> ?
    Dgv1.DataSource = data1;  
    List<...> data2 = new List<...>(data1);     // clone data1
    Dgv2.DataSource = data2;
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