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I have 3 Windows 11 computers all with wifi 6 adapters in them connected to a wifi 6 capable router. None of the Win 11 pc's display a wifi 6 icon in the system tray yet the adapter properties show a clear wifi 6 connection. Connected Galaxy S21 Ultra mobile devices do display a WiFi 6 icon.

Anyone else experience this or know how to resolve?

Ex. Dell Latitude 5520 adapter properties


Protocol: Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax)

Security type: WPA3-Personal

Manufacturer: Intel Corporation

Description: Intel(R) Wi-Fi 6 AX201 160MHz

Driver version:

Network band: 5 GHz

Network channel: 161

Link speed (Receive/Transmit): 1201/1201 (Mbps)

Link-local IPv6 address: fe80::20a3:32fd:f0de:31d2%15

IPv4 address:

IPv4 DNS servers: (Unencrypted) (Unencrypted)

Physical address (MAC): 54-6C-EB-BD-14-30

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Windows 11
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  1. Jing Zhou 5,135 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor


    Thank you for posting in Q&A forum.

    For the situation you described, it may be that the system icon for Windows 11 does not display Wi Fi 6 connection correctly. This may just be a display issue, not an actual connection issue. We cannot suggest that you check from the following aspects:

    Ensure that your Wi Fi 6 network card driver is up-to-date. Sometimes old or incompatible drivers may cause incorrect display of system icons.

    Sometimes restarting network services can help the system recognize the connection type again. You can find the network service in the settings and try restarting it.

    Ensure that the Wi Fi 6 feature is enabled in the settings of Windows 11. Sometimes manual settings may be required to display icons correctly.

    Check that other devices that support Wi Fi 6 also have the same issue. If other devices also have the same display issue, it may be a problem with the system itself.

    I hope it can help you

    Best regards,

    Jill Zhou

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