MS Intune - update .NET Framework Ver 4.7.2

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Hello All Professionals

I have an autopilot issue with Windows 10 Enterprise that I seem to not be able to correct.  I am basically running into an autopilot issue where BitLocker isn’t force starting during the autopilot process for the compliance policy and the Application Group that was created doesn’t install. I’ve tried this same setup on a Lenovo based Win 10 Pro machine and it installs w/o issue.  When I (Join to Microsoft Entra ID) during the OOBE, the setup screen shown below (picture)  does not appear anymore.  It seems like its logging into a basic account but shows its joined in Intune with failure to compliance due to BitLocker.  We have to manually activate BitLocker for each enterprise machine.

App Package Issues:

·       When autopilot completes and you sign-on  the Microsoft IME folder does show in the start menu and when you run it as an admin it states you need to install .Net Framework 4.7.2 and I’ve installed and ran the MS updates for .Net to update before restarting and its hit or miss if the app package kicks off after the restart.

·       I’ve tried to add a .Net PowerShell script and the actual Intune wrapped based app to the ESP “blocking apps” section and add 1 app to install on the profile and .Net 4.7.2 doesn’t kickoff and the IME folder still shows in the start menu to install .Net 4.7.2  All Apps are Win32 apps and no LOB.

·       The .Net script and app were added to the user profile groups section and I still received the same reaction where it doesn’t deploy. 

BitLocker Issues:

·       The policy I created under “Endpoint security | Disk encryption” doesn’t activate bitlocker

·       These machines have TPM 2.0

·       I have also tried creating a “Configuration Profile” with Bitlocker and it still doesn’t activate

Does someone have any suggestions on why the deployment profile isn’t kicking off during the autopilot process and why BitLocker isn’t following the Policy that is attached to the account.

I’m not seeing this screen on Windows 10 Enterprise during autopilot process:User's image

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