Strange and Random Display Issues in Office Pro Plus 2021 EXCEL in Hebrew Installed on WIN 10 64-bit

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Strange and Random Display Issues in Office Pro Plus 2021 EXCEL in Hebrew Installed on WIN 10 64-bit


I previously raised this question and am interested to know if these bugs have already been resolved.

Working Environment:

  • Windows 10 Pro 64bit 19045.4529 HEB
  • Office Pro Plus 2021 HEB
  • Build 2405 17628.20144

I am experiencing strange and random display issues.

Attached are videos:

Description of Video 01:

Video 01

  • Opening a new Excel document.
  • Attempting to select row 14 (a random row), there is no indication that the row is selected, even after several left-clicks with the mouse.
  • After selecting row 11 (another random row) in the document, it becomes possible again to select row 14.

Description of Video 02:

Video 02

  • You can see that after several transitions between the tabs on the screen, the table and content in the right tab suddenly disappear and reappear.

Description of Video 03:

Video 03

  • You can see that after attempting to select a row (similar to the case in Video 01), it is no longer possible to select a specific cell with a left-click. Only after several clicks on another row in the document, it becomes possible to select a cell again.

I see that this is a known issue called "strange visual glitch." What is not clear to me is how there are not many complaints about these issues until now.

My Setup:

  • DELL computer, updated
  • Windows updated
  • Office updated
  • Graphics card drivers updated

Attempts to Resolve:

  • Disabled graphics hardware acceleration: no change
  • Updated and reverted to the new look: no change
  • Safe mode: no change

Your assistance is needed. Who can I contact for help with this issue?

Thank you.

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