Translator gives unexpected word alignment for Japanese to English translations

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I'm using azure-translator to translate sentences from Japanese to English with word alignment. However the word alignment seems to be incorrect. I don't get any errors, and I get the expected result when I instead translate from English to Japanese.

I have followed this example:

When translating "Can I drive your car tomorrow?" from English to Japanese the alignment I get is "0:2-10:14 6:10-8:9 12:15-2:5 12:15-7:7 17:19-6:6 21:29-0:1 21:29-15:15"

('Can', 'できますか') ('drive', '運転') ('your', 'あなたの') ('your', 'を') ('car', '車') ('tomorrow?', '明日') ('tomorrow?', '。')

If I exclude the second item of each duplicate, these are all correct.

However when translating "明日あなたの車を運転できますか?" from Japanese to English I get "0:1-0:2 2:5-4:4 6:6-6:10 7:7-12:15 8:9-17:19 15:15-21:29"

('明日', 'Can') ('あなたの', 'I') ('車', 'drive') ('を', 'your') ('運転', 'car') ('?', 'tomorrow?')

None of these are correct.

Is Japanese to English word alignment expected to be correct, and does it work in the same way as for other languages? Thanks!

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  1. Karl O'Meara 1 Reputation point

    Writing answer due to 1000 char limit on comments...

    @romungi-MSFT I can confirm this is also a problem now in Spanish.

    This is the alignment information for "Sí, sabes que ya llevo un rato mirándote"

    "Translations": [
    "Text": "Yes, you know I've been looking at you for a while.",
    "To": "en",
    "Alignment": {
    "Proj": "0:2-0:3 0:2-5:7 4:8-9:12 10:12-14:17 14:15-19:22 17:21-24:30 17:21-32:33 23:24-35:37 23:24-39:41 31:39-43:43 31:39-45:50"

    Sí, Yes,
    Sí, you
    sabes know
    que I've
    ya been
    llevo looking
    llevo at
    un you
    un for
    mirándote a
    mirándote while.

    Which is completely wrong now.

    Someone, somewhere in the innards of Microsoft has broken it. For last year (on 2020-04-23 09:06:23.700Z) I made a the same call it was working...

    "Translations": [
    "Text": "Yes, you know I've been looking at you for a while.",
    "To": "en",
    "Alignment": {
    "Proj": "0:2-0:3 4:8-9:12 4:8-5:7 17:21-14:17 17:21-19:22 23:24-43:43 26:29-45:50 26:29-39:41 31:39-35:37 31:39-32:33"

    Sí, Yes,
    sabes know
    sabes you
    llevo I've
    llevo been
    un a
    rato while.
    rato for
    mirándote you
    mirándote at


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