Access on-prem AIX/Linux servers from Azure bot

bharath nunepalli 41 Reputation points

We use an app that uses InterSystems Cache database system. The app and the database are hosted on same server.
They are on AIX now, and will be moved to RHEL next year.

From Azure bot, I should be able to run some commands to find status of the instance and simple Linux commands and get response back.

Is this possible?
If yes, what is the best approach to achieve this?

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Accepted answer
  1. romungi-MSFT 41,861 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @bharath nunepalli You can build a bot to validate the user inputs and then use them to run on your instances using an API which can run on these instances and display the result to the user. Prompting the user to enter the command and running them directly on your instances can be destructive and is not an ideal use case for validating an instance health check. You can instead build a conversation bot that provides options in a card display to prompt the user to enter an input and then call the corresponding action and display the result. This will enable you to control what command can be run on your instance and display the output in the correct format instead of returning the complete command output. You can also enable a reporting feature in the available options to display the status of your instances instead of prompting users to enter all the details. Using a DB to store these results can also be a useful addition to backup the data. The bot builder samples repo provides samples for different use cases that you can build on by creating some basic bots. We hope this information helps.

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