NIC Teaming requires IPv4 to be enabled ... why?

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When we deploy a hyper-v server we commonly manage the host OS via one network adapter and user another for the Hyper-V virtual switch connectivity. Its nice to keep things separate.

To avoid the Hyper-V host being discoverable via the NIC the Virtual Switch is attached by we untick everything in the network properties e.g. client for Microsoft Networks, IPv4 etc. etc.

Then when we assign the NIC to the Virtual switch hyper-v enables Hyper-V Extensible V-Switch and all is good.

More recently we have been looking to team multiple NICs for this role using LACP but for some reason you cannot team an adapter that does not have IPv4 enabled. This makes no sense given LACP is layer 2 and doesn't know what IP is.

The plan is to team the adapters and then assign the V-Switch to the team to create redundancy across switches.

I believe I can enable IPv4, create the team and then disable it on the teamed adapter but I'd like to understand why this restriction is in place.

Any answers or further reading appreciated.


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  1. Gary Turner 1 Reputation point

    Hi Sunny

    IPv6 does not need to be enabled to create a team though I guess the block could be a that one or other (IPv4 or IPv6) needs to be enabled for the the interface to appear in the the teaming gui.



  2. Gary Turner 1 Reputation point

    Hi Sonny

    Agreed, I also completed the same test before opening the question.

    The answer I'm seeking is why is Teaming dependent on binding IP to the interface. Teaming using LACP is a layer 2 protocol and IP is layer 3 so there should be no need to bind IP to a teamed interface.



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