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Blazor webassembly publication issue on IIS

I use Blazor since nearly one year but I have many problem to publish my app.
The last one I wrote was in .Net 5 with ASP.NET hosting so I have 3 project :

  1. myproject.client

  2. myproject.server

  3. myproject.shared

In Visual Studio 2019 it works great with my web API in server project but I can't publish it on IIS.
I made publish in directory on VS and I created a website pointing to this directory.
I get Loading... like in all Blazor app but it stay like that.
When I press F12 I ger in console :

can you help me please ?

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@bds Could you please share the network tab's image? We need to know the error status codes and other error messages.

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Do you still have this issue. Can you try with .NET 6.0 ? If this issue is resolved for you, please add the solution that worked for you, mark it as an answer and close.


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