Unable to access CreditOne or Avant accounts on new desk top

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Hello, I recently got a new HP Desktop computer and ever since I haven't been able to access two of my credit card accounts. It will let me sign in, but then immediately without warning sign me right back out.

I have tried everything to fix this.

  • Called Customer support
  • Tried different internet browsers (it doesn't work on any of them)
  • Checked my firewall
  • Checked my anti-virus program

If I go on someone else computer or on my phone, it's fine. I don't know if it's because of my operating system (Windows 11 Home) or something else, but I don't know what else to do or if there's anything else I can do.

It's only these accounts giving me trouble, I can access everything else just fine. I'm not being given any error messages or anything, I'm just automatically signed out.

Windows 11
Windows 11
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    Regarding the problems you mentioned with HP desktop computers accessing two credit card accounts, here are a few possible solutions and suggestions for your reference:

    1. Clear browser cache and cookies:

    Sometimes the browser's cache or cookies can cause login problems. Try to clear the browser cache and cookies associated with the credit card account, and then try to log in again.

    1. Check your browser's privacy and security Settings:

    Make sure your browser's privacy and security Settings are not blocking certain features or scripts of the credit card website. You can try adding the credit card website to your browser's list of trusted sites or exceptions.

    1. Check the system time Settings:

    Make sure your HP desktop's system time Settings are accurate. The incorrect time setting may cause the SSL certificate authentication to fail, affecting the login to the secure website.

    1. Check firewall and security software Settings:

    While you've checked your firewall and antivirus programs, double-check that they're not blocking communication from your credit card website. You can try disabling the software temporarily and then try logging in again.

    1. Update the operating system and browser:

    Make sure your Windows 11 operating system and browser are up to date. Older versions may contain known security vulnerabilities or compatibility issues.

    1. Check browser plugins and extensions:

    Disable all browser plug-ins and extensions, and then try to log into your credit card account. If the problem is resolved, enable plug-ins one by one to determine which plug-in is causing the problem.

    1. Try using another network:

    If you can, try connecting to another network (for example, public Wi-Fi or a friend's home network) to access your credit card account. This can help determine if the problem is related to your home network Settings.

    1. Check your credit card company's website Settings:

    Log on to your credit card company's official website to see if there are any notices about secure login or compatibility issues. Sometimes, credit card companies may update their websites, resulting in incompatibility with certain browser or operating system versions.

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