You do not have permission to perform operations on the remote DHCP server

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Two windows server 2016 servers have no ad domain, the firewall has been closed, and the windows time is consistent. There are DNS and DHCP in the two windows. DNS is the primary and secondary server. The first DHCP server has been created and its scope has been created.


When the first DHCP scope performs configuration failover, you are prompted that you do not have permission to perform operations on the remote DHCP server

Thank you for your advice

Windows Server 2016
Windows Server 2016
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Windows DHCP
Windows DHCP
Windows: A family of Microsoft operating systems that run across personal computers, tablets, laptops, phones, internet of things devices, self-contained mixed reality headsets, large collaboration screens, and other devices.DHCP: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). A communications protocol that lets network administrators manage centrally and automate the assignment of Internet Protocol (IP) addresses in an organization's network.
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  1. Candy Luo 12,666 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi ,

    Based on my understanding, you want to deploy DHCP failover between two workgroup DHCP server (without AD). Is that right? Please feel free to let me know if I have any misunderstanding.

    Just set the same password for the local administrator and log in with the account to configure it.

    If you do not use the same account and password, then we will receive the following error-you do not have permission to perform operations on the remote DHCP server.


    Just make sure you login in with the same local administrator account and same password, then configuration will fine.

    For example:

    Server-A login in with : account-administrator passwrod-1234

    Server-B should also login in with: account-administrator passwrod-1234

    Then you will configure DHCP failover successfully:


    Please feel free to let me know if you have anything unclear.

    Best Regards,



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  1. Evgenij Smirnov 541 Reputation points


    this is to be expected since without AD there is no common authentication realm for both servers. What you can try to do is authenticate to the second server prior to the operation, for example by connecting to an admin share (if you're in possession of a local admin account on that server).

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  2. Thameur-BOURBITA 32,606 Reputation points


    Without domain , you have use a local account to manage each server.

    If you are connecting used a local admin account on server 1 , you have to use another admin account admin on server 2 to connect and configured it remotely.

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