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Hi there!

Outlook - office365 (lastest version - all updates installed)
Two IMAP accounts are setup:

Both accounts work fine (if used independently).

the goal:
all emails are to be stored (both sent and received mails) in only one of the accounts (account A in the picture).
This is no problem for received emails.
For sent mails the recommend way to move them all to one account is to use a client rule:

The issue:
I use a client rule in account B (rule: if mail is sent move a copy to folder X in account A).
The rule works and the copy is created (in the folder X in account B) locally.
However this copy is not synced to the IMAP server.
As consequence it is not available on other deveices linked to the IMAP account.

The issue (not syncing a mail) to IMAP only happens when the mail is created in the described way. Other emails that are moved between the accounts (e.g. manually) are synced normaly (both sent and received mails).

Looking forward to any hints for solving the issue or achiving the goal any other way.

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  1. Jade Liang-MSFT 9,956 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi @MLE ,
    According to my tests, I have tried to create the same rule in my IMAP account on Outlook 365, and found the messages moved by client rule indeed couldn't sync to the server, which is same with yours.

    For your requirement of saving the messages in Account A, as an alternative, it's suggested to cc the message to Account A when you send it from Account B and then move it to the specific floder in Account A via creating 2 rules, which could sync the message to server according to my test, here are the detailed information about the rules in Account B and Account A:

    In account B:

    In account A:

    Hope that would be helpful to you and if you still need more help about the rules mentioned above, please post back here and I would give you more targeted help.

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  2. Bjoern 1 Reputation point

    Hi there,

    I'm experiening the same problem. Using CC isn't a solution, as I don't want everybody to get to know the second mail-adress.

    Is there any solution for this problem?

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  3. marco leonardi 1 Reputation point

    Guess to have found what cause this problem.
    The rule copy the message before it has been physical send.
    The message go to the folder but don't have a complete header so isn't sync with the IMAP folder

    Now is needed a solution.......

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  4. marco leonardi 1 Reputation point

    I can confirm that the message is copied in the folder with a completely blank header so it will not be sync with the imap folder

  5. Stefano Mirabile 1 Reputation point

    has anyone found a solution?


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