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Is it correct that right now, when any passkey-provider like our MS-authenticator-app prepares the passkey registration ceremony response with attestation, iOS strips off the attestation before handing over response-assertion to the client.

Does this stripping off of attestation have to do anything with the BS and BE flags that are populated by passkey-provider ? Meaning, is it correct statement that iOS removes the attestation blob from the response if the BE and BS flags are set to zero ??


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  1. Raja Pothuraju 1,520 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hello @testuser7,

    Thank you for posting your query on Microsoft Q&A.

    It is correct that iOS devices strip off the attestation from the response-assertion provided by passkey providers, such as the Microsoft Authenticator app, as part of their privacy-preserving measures. Currently, for passkeys in Microsoft Authenticator, we do not support attestation.

    Regarding the BS and BE flags, these flags indicate whether the passkey registration ceremony is being performed in a secure environment. If the BS and BE flags are set to zero, it means that the passkey registration ceremony is not being performed in a secure environment. However, this does not necessarily mean that the attestation blob will be stripped from the response-assertion.

    In summary, iOS devices do not support attestation for passkey registration ceremonies, and the removal of attestation from the response-assertion is not directly related to the BS and BE flags.

    Please refer to the following documentation for more information:

    Hope this includes all the information that you were looking for.

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    Raja Pothuraju.

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  2. testuser7 271 Reputation points

    Excellent @Raja Pothuraju I think you are to the point so no question except that the two links that you suggested are not opening up.