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Erik Wettergren 1 Reputation point

I use shortcuts to document libraries/views in SharePoint on my taskbar in Windows10. This is very convenient for quick access to your most used libraries.

However, to keep them all apart I've changed the SharePoint icon that Edge displays by default (the same for all libraries) to custom icons. this has served me well for about a year or so (although its really awkward how this is implemented in Edge).

But, now the last couple of days something weird has started. Some of these custom icons are being replaced by SharePoint icons, and their position on the taskbar moves (from somewhere in the middle out to the right hand side). Even stranger is that the SharePoint icon that my custom icons are being replaced with differ from one another.

See pic below..

What could possibly cause this weird behavior?


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  1. Jenny Yan-MSFT 9,316 Reputation points

    1.Is there any changes made on windows 10? Like installing any patches or the antivirus software settings update?

    2.Did you try to re-configure the customized icons again? For changing icon of shortcuts pinned t taskbar, you could right click the shortcut and choose the line above pin/unpin to task bar--properties---shortcut---change icon

    3.To verify if this is related to third party tools, you could use cleanboot to disable some services.

    4.Is the computer domain joint? Kindly check if any GPO related have been applied.

    Hope this helps and please help to accept as Answer if the response is useful.


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  2. Erik Wettergren 1 Reputation point

    Thanks Jenny,

    I simply deleted the "new" shortcuts and replaced them with my custom ones (that are saved on my desktop). However, the same strange behaviour keeps occurring.

    I can't recall having installed any particular software that I suspect have anything to do with this, however I have used the dev version of Edge for some time and now with the latest Windows 10 update I got the "real" release of the new Edge. I guess this is part of this - but I still cannot understand why it would behave like this.

    It is domain joined, but I'm pretty sure no GPO changes have been made

    I'll try clean boot but I don't really know how to initiate any changes (they seem to happen arbitrarily).


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  3. Erik Wettergren 1 Reputation point

    Did some more troubleshooting.

    This occurs every time I use a shortcut created in Edge (it does not occur if the shortcut is created with Chrome or Brave).

    After it happens the "properties" option is missing when right clicking the shortcut (hence there is no way to edit the icon).

    I can no longer create new shortcuts in Edge and then access the properties pane (and change the icon) this option is simply missing!

    I also tried the "Open taskbar pinning wizard" that is available in Edge, but at the first attempt nothing happens and if I try again a grey window opens which seems to load forever and is impossible to close without going to task manager and close down Edge.

    All this is the same if I star with Clean Boot.

    To me it seems like this is a bug in the new Edge browser.

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