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I am looking for some way to open a new window in visual studio that acts as a customizable text editor with the contents of a file (given by specified file path). I would then like to configure the features of the editor such as setting it to read only. I have less than a year of experience, but the documentation in this area does not seem to tell me much. I am unable to find an example of this anywhere. Right now, my belief is that I am supposed to be working within a VSIX project and need to implement the IVsEditorFactory and IVsWindowPane class. I think this window pane needs to host the custom editor but I have no idea how to get this window pane to show up in the IDE or how to tell it to host the implemented editor factory.

I found a method: IVsUIShellOpenDocument.OpenSpecificEditor that seems promising and am wondering if that is the route I should go and if there are example usages anywhere for this?

All in all, I am looking for any example usage that is out there to reference and if anyone can confirm my ideas will work if implemented properly. Any other documentation or resources for what I am looking for are very appreciated.

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    Creating a custom text editor in Visual Studio using a VSIX project can indeed be challenging, especially with limited documentation and examples. However, you are on the right track with the concepts of IVsEditorFactory and IVsWindowPane. Here's a general outline of the steps you need to take, along with some code snippets to help you get started.

    1. Create a VSIX Project

    First, create a new VSIX project in Visual Studio.

    1. Implement the IVsEditorFactory Interface
    2. Implement the IVsWindowPane Interface
    3. Register the Editor Factory in Your Package

    In your Package class, register the editor factory.

    1. Use IVsUIShellOpenDocument.OpenSpecificEditor

    You can use IVsUIShellOpenDocument.OpenSpecificEditor to open your custom editor programmatically