Help needed with getting past install first reboot on Modded HP Laptop & NVME SSD (SOLVED)

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Ok to start with details, my 2017 HP Stream 14" Notebook (AX030CA), originally came with a 32 GB eMMC, 4 GB RAM DDR3, A cheapish almost Chromebook type device running Windows 10 Home. Last month I started to have Storage issues ( Windows Updates not enough room available), and the battery had puffed up. So on a search for disassembly videos to replace the battery, I fell into a rabbit hole of Upgrades, additional hardware is now installed and works!!!

So Upgraded Stream 14 now has 8 GB RAM, 32 GB eMMC + Patriot 480 GB NVME SSD ( on M.2 slot normally used by WIFI/BT module), via an M.2 to NVME Adapter with Cable, and Low Profile USB WIFI/BT dongle. All new parts work as they should ( I will have a picture that shows this further down), I also know this as I have attempted Windows Installs with 1 basic issue that has come up no matter how I try to get past it. There are quite a few videos on YouTube of models of my Notebook running with same hardware, and all missing information on how they got past the first Reboot after initial install. I can copy/paste links to videos if they are needed for further context.

So the many methods that have been attempted, mostly all fail at the same point First Reboot. Further all installs are fresh install, starting point is clean drives, no prior attempts are kept.

A Straight Install of Windows 10 to NVME will not reach first reboot to hit recovery Blue Screen, as HP BIOS requires something to be on eMMC. As reboot is coming up an Error message will appear on screen "No Operating Installed please contact bla bla bla". A Straight Install of Windows 10 can no longer live on the eMMC as it being only 32 GB It can not Update past a point as a fresh install of 22H2 leaves only 9 GB Storage with out any updates. Add the eMMC is on Par with an SD card for speed.

One Method from YouTube, install PoP OS(Linux), to eMMC, once set up and running install an app rEFInd to act as a boot manager to bounce between PoP and Windows. Windows installs to NVME however leaves you in either an install loop (install only restarts based option picked on Boot Screen), if you select Windows option (NVME Drive), you are greeted by a Blue Recovery screen, none of the options on that screen will wok all fail.

Another YouTube video uses an app Duet with rEFInd to make a bootable USB that can then be placed on eMMC to driect booting to NVME and also keps the BIOS error from showing up. This for me again lands at Recovery Blue screen after install attempt and first reboot.

The closest I have come was following the instructions of another Linux user to Duel boot PoP OS and Windows 10 but to do a manual install of PoP OS. Instructions as follows

PoP OS boots wonderfully from NVME SSD, Windows falls flat on it's face again at first reboot.

I have even tried Duel Boot of Windows 8.1 & Windows 10, 8.1 to eMMC where it boots happy and lovely, Windows 10 on NVME Recovery Blue Screen.

I did 2 installs of Windows 10, eMMC copy boots, NVME copy Recovery Blue Screen.

I installed to eMMC straight Windows 10 staying off line, and trying to clone drive over to NVME, keeping some needed files on eMMC, rebuilding the BCD file, with a BootBCD attempt = Recovery Blue screen.

So how on earth is it only PoP OS(Linux), can boot from NVME? Am I missing a step, am I missing an instruction?? This month long fail fest is really kicking my butt.

Can any one offer some advice or knows what I am missing?????

I am sorry for such a long post, but I wanted to make sure I have all the needed information!!! Thank you in advance if you can offer any insight!!

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