Using the same Azure domain for Office 365 and other resources

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imagine some employees are already using Azure resources like App Services, SQL databases and DevOps for our custom domain All users that access these resources have email addresses and AD logins like and so on.

Now we'd like to use Office 365 for all users in the company. Our consulting partner told us that we must free our domain to connect it with a new O365 tenant.

We should register a new AD tenant for our Azure resources with a new domain named
We scare that in the furure we'll have to use two accounts - one for Azure and the other for O365.

So now my question is: Isn't it possible to use O365 along with other resources side-by-side in the same tenant domain


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  1. Steven Hodson 31 Reputation points

    If you have an Enterprise Agreement, then I believe you will need to login to the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) to do this -

    and this will then tie in your O365 subscription with your EA.

    You may need to contact Microsoft to determine who your Microsoft Account Manager is for your EA subscription and who administers it within your organisation.

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  2. Steven Hodson 31 Reputation points

    Yes, you just need to ensure you sign up using an admin user in your tenant and the Azure AD will then be shared between your Azure subscription and your Office 365 subscription, this is standard practice -

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  3. SvenGlöckner 441 Reputation points

    Hi @Steven Hodson
    Thanks for your reply.

    Does this practice always apply? I'm asking because perhaps we have an Enterprise Agreement (I currently don't know).

    In this article we read that there certainly is a limitation.


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  4. thgibard-MSFT 356 Reputation points


    The objective that you want to achieve is normally the standard processus. When a company is creating what we called a Tenant you will have 1 dedicated Azure Active Directory. The ratio is the following 1 Tenant = 1 Azure Active Directory. From what I'm understanding, you have already configured your Tenant anre you've started using Azure with your correct name. So what is your issue ?

    Your Azure Active Directory can be used for Office 365, Azure SaaS services and all the others Microsoft services. You can understand by checking for example in the Azure portal the section Azure Active Directory > Custom domain names AND in Office 365 > Admin > Setup > Domains - and you will see the same domains configured in both interfaces.

    Why would you want to register a new tenant and re-associate your name ?

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  5. SvenGlöckner 441 Reputation points

    @Steven Hodson
    Thank you very much for your replies.

    We'll discuss these findings internally and find a suitable solution for us.


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