Infinite registration loop when signing into Q&A site

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I started having an issue with my primary MS account on Friday afternoon where it is in an infinite registration loop. Friday morning I was able to log in and answer questions. However Friday afternoon when I logged in it sent me to a registration page where I had to register again.

The UX I'm seeing:

  1. "Before registering with this Microsoft account, please check if you may have previously registered with a different account. Next
  2. Create your profile. My name is already filled in. Next
  3. Stay up to date. My email is filled in but the country keeps resetting. Save
  4. Certification profile. It picks up my MCP information. Yes
  5. You have successfully created your profile. Clicking links shows everything is correct. Click Back to Learn
  6. Repeat starting at step 1

Note that this occurs on multiple machines and browsers using the same account. I was able to create a new account to post this question.

Things I have tried:

  • Signing out of all browsers and apps.
  • Clearing caching.
  • Going into Windows credential manager and wiping all MS cached credentials.
  • On step 1 click Cancel. Thrown into the Q&A site but it is oddly behaving. The Sign In button is available as are Add comment and Post your answer but the answer box isn't available.

enter image description here

At this point I believe something is wrong with the Learn profile. If I go to any site and log in it does this same thing.

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  1. Michael Taylor 86 Reputation points

    This seems to have been resolved now.