SCCM migration from on-premises to AWS

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One of our customers is in the process of migrating Windows Servers and Database servers from their on-premises VMware environment to AWS cloud in multiple phases. Currently, we have a Configuration Manager Site Server hosted on-premises, which is scheduled to be migrated to AWS cloud within the next month. Additionally, we utilize a Cloud Management Gateway (CMG) to manage clients accessing the internet.

According to the AWS migration team, the hostname of the site server will remain unchanged, but there will be a change in its IP address. Alongside the primary site server, two Management Points (MPs) and a Software Update Point (SUP) will also be migrated to AWS.

Could you please provide guidance on the supportability of this migration, how it impacts CMG functionality, and what considerations we should take into account before proceeding? I anticipate they will perform a VM backup and restore it within AWS.

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    Migrating your Configuration Manager Site Server, Management Points (MPs), and Software Update Point (SUP) from an on-premises VMware environment to AWS cloud is a complex process that requires careful planning and consideration. Here are some key points to consider:

    Supportability of Migration:

    • It’s important to note that changing the hostname of any systems hosting ConfigMgr roles, including the primary site server, is not supported. However, the change in IP address is irrelevant.
    • You can use a site backup and restore for the migration. With a traditional site backup and restore, if there is an issue, you simply switch back to the existing server.

    MS IT has a showcase on how they went about Migrating System Center Configuration Manager on-premises infrastructure to Microsoft Azure

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    The importance of keeping same hostname and Active Directory domain membership is the key here. Get ready to re-create the CMG. Is all the client traffic suppose then go through cmg only? CM client<->Server communication is very heavy. Personally I dont see any point of moving sccm to the cloud, I would rather to select Intune for that.

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