My bot is not working on test web chat

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It is working fine on localhost. I am using Bot framework composer and when i published it it azure it is not giving any response. I check the logs and its giving internal server error. I tried evereything available on internet to resolve but can't. Can anyone help me with it?

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Azure AI Bot Service
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  1. YutongTie-MSFT 48,496 Reputation points

    Hello Awais,

    Thanks for reaching out to us, could you please share the error log so that we can look into this issue. If the log shows internal error, I would highly recommend you raising a support ticket for this issue. Let us know if you have no support plan, we are happy to enable you a free ticket for this issue to check everything further.

    Generally, there are a few troubleshooting steps you may want to have a try -

    1. Check Azure App Service Logs:
      • Go to your Azure portal and navigate to your App Service where your bot is hosted.
      • Look at the Application Logs or Diagnostic Logs to identify specific error messages. This can provide insights into what might be causing the internal server error.
    2. Review Bot Service Configuration:
      • Ensure that your bot’s messaging endpoint in Azure matches the endpoint URL configured in your bot's code and in Bot Framework Composer.
      • Check if the App ID and App Password (or App ID and App Secret) used for authentication between Azure Bot Service and your bot are correctly configured.
    3. Verify Bot Messaging Endpoint Settings:
      • In Azure Bot Service settings, under Configuration > Settings, verify that the Messaging endpoint is correctly set to https://<your_app_service_name> (replace <your_app_service_name> with your actual App Service name).
    4. Check Bot Composer Settings:
      • In Bot Framework Composer, ensure that you have published your bot correctly to Azure.
      • Verify that the environment settings (like Bot Id, MicrosoftAppId, MicrosoftAppPassword) in your bot’s .env or .bot.settings file match those configured in Azure.
    5. Inspect Azure Application Insights:
      • If you have Application Insights configured for your Azure App Service, use it to monitor requests, exceptions, and traces. Look for any exceptions or errors related to your bot’s operation.
    6. Verify Bot Service Plan and Region:
      • Ensure that your Azure Bot Service is deployed in a supported region and that the selected pricing tier (App Service Plan) meets the performance requirements of your bot.
    7. Restart the App Service:
      • Sometimes, restarting the Azure App Service can resolve transient issues. Go to your App Service in Azure portal and click on Restart under the Overview section.
    8. Update Dependencies and Restart Bot:
      • Ensure that all dependencies (like SDK versions, packages, and Composer updates) are up to date. Sometimes, outdated dependencies can cause compatibility issues.
    9. Enable Detailed Error Messages:
      • Temporarily enable detailed error messages in your bot’s Azure App Service settings to get more specific error information. This can help pinpoint the root cause.
    10. Test Connectivity and Network Issues:
      • Ensure that there are no network restrictions or firewall rules in Azure that might block outbound traffic needed for your bot to communicate with external services or clients.

    Please have a try and let us know how it works, if nothing works, please feel free to contact us for support ticket.

    I hope this helps!



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