Migrating from QNAMaker, should we use Microsoft.Bot.Builder.AI.QnA or Azure.AI.Language.QuestionAnswering client library?

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Our team is currently using QnA maker and a Bot built in .NET Core 3.1 framework that handles state changes, uses AppInsights and custom Dialogs. We require a QnA bot where users write questions and the bot returns the correct answers by using the QnA knowledge bases. We need to update the code for our bot as the QnA service is going to end by 2025 March. We have investigated how to migrate our knowledge bases from QnA portal to the newer Language Studio as new custom question answering projects. We found two possible ways to update our bot's code for post-2025 use: the new "Azure.AI.Language.QuestionAnswering" library, or using the updated "Microsoft.Bot.Builder.AI.QnA" client library. We would like to clarify which is the correct way to use by considering minimal code updates.


Our goal is to update our code with minimal effort so that our current custom bot will work well after 2025 March, using Language service's custom question answering feature.


We are confused if we should use the new "Azure.AI.Language.QuestionAnswering" client library or the updated "Microsoft.Bot.Builder.AI.QnA" (min version 4.16.0) client library. We are using the Microsoft Bot Framework v4. We would like a quick code update for now since we don't need any new features at the moment.


Will using the updated "Microsoft.Bot.Builder.AI.QnA" (min version 4.16.0) client library with the Microsoft Bot Framework v4 work for us? Or do we have to use the new "Azure.AI.Language.QuestionAnswering" client library?

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