How to register for on-prem server for Azure file synchronization

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Getting an error while registering a server for Azure file synchronization.Automatic discovery of your accessible cloud environment did not work. THis can happen when you are in a special cloud environment that currently does not support auto-discovery.

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Azure Files
Azure Files
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  1. hossein jalilian 5,095 Reputation points

    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft Q&A forum.

    This can happen in certain specialized cloud environments. Here are some steps you can take to resolve this issue:

    • Instead of relying on auto-discovery, you can manually specify the Azure environment during registration. Use the following PowerShell command:
        Register-AzStorageSyncServer -ResourceGroupName "<resource-group-name>" -StorageSyncServiceName "<storage-sync-service-name>" -AzureEnvironment "<AzureEnvironmentName>"
    • Ensure that your server has proper internet connectivity, especially to Azure endpoints. The Azure File Sync agent requires outbound Internet connectivity on TCP port 443
    • If your organization uses a proxy server, make sure it's properly configured for the Azure File Sync agent. You may need to modify the StorageSyncAgent.exe.config file to include proxy settings
    • Ensure you're using the latest version of the Azure File Sync agent.
    • Ensure that the account you're using has the necessary permissions to register the server with the Storage Sync Service

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  2. Sumarigo-MSFT 45,401 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @Mahavir Saroj Welcome to Microsoft Q&A Forum, Thank you for posting your query here!

    Adding more information to the above response!
    It appears you are experiencing issues with the automatic discovery of your accessible cloud environment during Azure File Sync registration. This problem can occur in special cloud environments that do not support auto-discovery. To resolve this, you will need the discovery URL provided by your environment administrator.

    If you have not received the discovery URL, please reach out to your environment administrator or IT support team to obtain it. They should be able to provide you with the necessary URL to manually configure your cloud environment access.

    For Azure File Sync registration, you must ensure that your server meets the prerequisites, such as running a supported version of Windows Server and having internet access to Azure. If you are using a network proxy, you will need to configure proxy settings for the sync agent to use. If the server registration UI did not start automatically after installing the Azure File Sync agent, you can start it manually by executing the ServerRegistration.exe file located in the Azure StorageSyncAgent directory

    Troubleshoot Azure File Sync agent installation and server registration
    Troubleshoot Azure File Sync : Common troubleshooting documentation
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