Custom Skill Set not Populating in final Index Document

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Dear Community, need your urgent support here.


I am trying to create a custom skill in the Azure AI search. The skill is a functions all written in python. In the skill, we are using the metadata_storage_name and using this as a key (both partition and row) to extract dates from Azure Storage Table.


My functions app is generating the required skill information in the desired Output JSON - Pasting here for your reference:

{"values": [{"recordId": "a1", "data": {"from_date": "2023-07-01T00:00:00+00:00", "to_date": "9999-12-31T00:00:00+00:00"}, "errors": [], "warnings": []}]}

But this information is not getting populated in the final search index.

My Skillset definition and indexer output mapping are as follows:

Skillset Definition

      "@odata.type": "#Microsoft.Skills.Custom.WebApiSkill",
      "name": "gettofromdate",
      "description": "custom skill to get to date and from date for each document",
      "context": "/document",
      "uri": "",
      "httpMethod": "POST",
      "timeout": "PT30S",
      "batchSize": 1,
      "degreeOfParallelism": 1,
      "authResourceId": null,
      "inputs": [
          "name": "pds_name",
          "source": "/document/metadata_storage_name"
      "outputs": [
          "name": "from_date",
          "targetName": "fromdate"
          "name": "to_date",
          "targetName": "todate"
      "httpHeaders": {},
      "authIdentity": null

Indexer Configuration - Output Field Mapping

"outputFieldMappings": [
      "sourceFieldName": "/document/from_date",
      "targetFieldName": "from_date"
      "sourceFieldName": "/document/to_date",
      "targetFieldName": "to_date"

Please suggest what am I doing wrong here?

Also, when I run a debug session, I don't get any error or warning and the skill also populates the fields

Thanks for the support

Ujjwal Dalmia

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