Facing Issue with Storage Migration Services while MIgrating the data from windows server 2008 to windows server 2019

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I am currently migrating the date from our old server to the new virtual machine in Azure.

The old server is running on windows server 2008 R2 data center.

The new server is running on windows server 2019 data center.

I am using Storage Migration services provided by the windows admin center.

I have created a job in Storage migration services. It has passed the validation and scanned the whole data onto the server.

after that, I have proceeded with the next step which is transferring the data onto a new server. I have entered the destination credentials and it allows me to select the source and destination drive. I have checked the validation for transferring the data and it passed all the required validations. However, when I click the Start Transfer button, it shows the below errors.

Error message in Transfer Data Section

Couldn't transfer storage to any of the endpoints.

Error message in SMB Details

This endpoint already exists. try skipping this endpoint in the transfer configurations or deleting the endpoint and transferring again.

This is the error message from StorageMigrationService/Admin event Log

Couldn't transfer storage.

State: Failed
Error: 36931
Error Message:

Guidance: Check the detailed error and make sure the transfer requirements are met. The transfer job couldn't transfer any source and destination computers. This could be because the orchestrator computer couldn't reach any source or destination computers, possibly due to a firewall rule, or missing permissions.

This is the error message from StorageMigration-Proxy/Debug event Log

11/30/2020-21:01:27.391 [Erro] Transfer validation failed. ErrorCode: 45057, Endpoint already exists and has different resource path than expected.
at Microsoft.StorageMigration.Proxy.Service.Transfer.TransferOperation.Validate()
at Microsoft.StorageMigration.Proxy.Service.Transfer.TransferRequestHandler.ProcessRequest(FileTransferRequest fileTransferRequest, Guid operationId) [d:\os\src\base\dms\proxy\transfer\transferproxy\TransferRequestHandler.cs::ProcessRequest::126]

I have enabled all the required firewall rules for transferring the data from source to destination.

I have also updated the windows updates onto both the servers.

Can you please look into this matter and let me know how to resolve this error?

It is transferring the data from Folders. However, it is not allowing me to transfer the data from C: drive.

Waiting for your valuable reply.

Windows Server Migration
Windows Server Migration
Windows Server: A family of Microsoft server operating systems that support enterprise-level management, data storage, applications, and communications.Migration: The process of making existing applications and data work on a different computer or operating system.
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  1. Xiaowei He 9,876 Reputation points


    It seems to be a known issue, please check the following article for detailed information:


    Please check if Server 2019 has installed KB4520062.

    Thanks for your time!
    Best Regards,


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  2. Andrew Mackintosh 1 Reputation point

    Hey @Xiaowei He

    Thank you for your reply.

    It was not that issue of windows update. I had already updated that before posting it here.

    This endpoint already exists. try skipping this endpoint in the transfer configurations or deleting the endpoint and transferring again.

    I was thinking about transferring the whole drive's content to a new server on a different drive. However, the drive was already existed on the new server so it didn't allow me to transfer the whole drive's data. I had to select each and every folder from that source drive and then transferred it and then it allowed me to transfer the data.

    I hope it helps someone who is facing this kind of issue.