Use Server name with database

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Hi, How I can USE command with Server name and with database?

Use <Servername>.<DataBase>

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    The T-SQL USE statement only allows a database name specification. It is up to the client application or tool to connect to the desired server before executing USE.

    SSMS (in SQLCMD mode) and the SQLCMD utility provide a CONNECT command to dynamically change the database connection. You can include a CONNECT command in scripts executed with these tools. The server and database context reverts back to the initial server and database after script execution For example:

    :CONNECT .
    USE master;
    SELECT @@SERVERNAME AS CurrentServer, DB_NAME() AS CurrentDatabase;
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  1. Yitzhak Khabinsky 20,636 Reputation points

    You can't.

    <servername> is a property of a connection to a MS SQL Server instance.
    Just after you already connected to an instance, you can use T-SQL:
    USE <database>;

    Official documentation: use-transact-sql

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