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I have a 2 node failover cluster with 2 SQL VM's in. one is showing as down, the services are running however in the cluster manager it says that the networks are down however i can ping them, rdp to them etc etc I've tried rebooting both servers in the cluster and that didnt have an effect. unsure whethger to evict the server and re-add it?

the quorum is online, the cluster IP address pings the sql server in question has all the correct services running and there are a number of errors in the cluster event viewer

  • Cluster failed to start (5398)
  • Cluster node failed to join cluster as it could not communicate over the network with any other node in the cluster (1653)
  • Node failed to firm a cluster this was because witness was not accessible (1573)
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Windows Server Clustering
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    Do you mean the Cluster node unable to start cluster service, if yes, we may try to evict the cluster node, then check if the NIC on the node is well and if the NIC driver is up to date, if not, please try to update the NIC driver. Then try to re-add the Cluster node into the cluster.

    If we meet issue to re-add the Cluster nodes, please run PowerShell command "Get-clusterLog" then check the detailed log when adding the cluster node.


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    Hi, There is 2 virtual SQL servers in a SQL cluster but then also a failover cluster for the VM's in the failover cluster manager MMC console it shows both NICs as offline however I am to connect to both the connections as well as pinging from the other node. I was thinking of evicting the node but was not sure of the concequences involved in that, is it simple as just evicting and then add a role and re-add the server?

    The drivers for Hyper-V are up to date as far as i can tell.

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  3. Ben 21 Reputation points

    is there any further advise on this?

  4. Xiaowei He 9,866 Reputation points


    In addition, if we have some issues with the network communication between the two nodes, after evicting the node from the cluster, we may also have issues to re-add the node into the cluster.

    However, when the node fails to add to the Cluster, we may get more detailed logs about the issue, this is why I suggest getting the cluster log to check more detailed information.

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