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we are publishing Microsoft Office apps from Winodws Server 2012 R2 to windows 10 clients via GPO /webfeed URL which is working fine. FileType assoziations are set to remote apps. e.g. users opening an local excel file causing to open RDS Excel and presenting the file content.

Sometimes file type assoziations are changed (accidently by the user) e.g. .csv is assoziated opening with mstsc.exe instead of EXCEL RDS published app.

Is there a way to correct this client setting other than creating a new windows client profile (which will correct the file type assoziation for the user in question, in most cases)

We allready removed the published apps and published them again automatically by gpo and manual via the control panel. Filetype assoziation did not change to the settings set for the /webfeed which are defined for the RDS published app.

Thanks for information. I allready googled this a lot, just finding the standard threads how to deploy, not for solving this issue.


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  1. Bernhard Egger 1 Reputation point

    Hello @Karlie Weng

    This is happening randomly, no spezific user or group. I the user is changing the Filetype assiziation on his client itself - open with:
    But I see no possibiity to revert the filetype assoziation back. e.g. .csv has been assoziated to open with notepad.exe by the user, redeploy RDS apps did not change this back to excel. There is no way to do this by hand, reds apps are not listed into the "open with" dialog nor into the control panel.

    It is happening randomly. The customer resolves the issue deleting the local profile onto the client. For some users this solution is not an easy way because of the complexity of their profile (scheduled Task, batch jobs)

    I've checked the administrative events, nothing displayed corresponding to the problem. I can easliy remove and redeploy the rds apps by Group policy settings. So I guess that the Group policy in question is working fine.
    About 50 clients working with this rds deployment currently.

    The questions are:
    where is the information for filetype assoziation stored onto the Windows 10 client?
    why this information will not be overwritten by the RDS deployment - Remote desktop and apps?
    how can we redeploy / overwrite to the settings defined onto the RDS collection?

    Thanks for help and regards,

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  2. Karlie Weng 15,196 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hello @Bernhard Egger

    Check if you have set file type associations configuration via RemoteApp Properties. Some information in the link below:

    Also I suggest that if you have enabled the setting below in group policy.

    Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Remote Desktop Services\Remote Desktop Session Host\Device and Resource Redirection\
    Open local files with published applications


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  3. Bernhard Egger 1 Reputation point

    again the Problem ist the following: a localy set FileType Assiziation can not be changed backwards to the RDS Application.
    example: RDS published Excel will assizialte .xlsx filetypes. If this filetype has been changed to e.g. notepad this action can not be revertet back to the settings published by RDS deployment.
    question: is there a way to restore to the filetype assiziations wich schould be set by RDS deployment.
    Drive Redirection: if I disable drive redirection local files cannot be opend by RDS Applications.

    I tried to reproduce, but at this client / profile I can choose which app to use, als RDS Problished apps. The Client in question do not provide this possibility into the kontext menue.


    Best regards,

  4. Bernhard Egger 1 Reputation point

    Hello Karlie.

    thanks for suggestions.

    the Link ist not working, but I know the settings. We allready used it for client configuration.
    explained here also:

    In our case I will not reconfigure the whole environement and solve the problem with a new Client User Profile.

    Best regards,