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Hi All,

Im hoping someone can help direct me to the cause of a Single Agent and one of its monitoringhost.exe processes using upwards of 20% CPU Consistently.

I have a single host that is 1 of 4 SQL Cluster Hosts so this host has multiple virtualised SQL Cluster instances running on it as do the other 3 hosts but one in particular has a monitoringHost.exe process that is consistently using High CPU for the past 3 weeks.

This host is a member of the same groups as the other 3 hosts so has the same number of rules and monitors directed at it as the other 3 Hosts
agent cache has been cleared , i also reinstalled the agent and the problem returns.

the event log shows no irregularities aside from some 1207 errors for non remotable rules, which are consistent across the other 4 hosts

I have noticed on the host that it is writing 50000 plus errors every 10 minutes to the application event log , i am not collecting these errors but would i be correct in thinking the agent is having to follow that event log and thus working hard to do so ?

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  1. answered 2020-12-03T03:39:52.007+00:00
    AlexZhu-MSFT 3,616 Reputation points Microsoft Employee


    For MonitoringHost.exe high CPU issue, there may be many reasons, we may do search in the Operations Manager Event log for some events at the time of the Spikes or when the issue occurs as Stoyan susgested in this post.


    As you mentioned, the application log is being flooded with events. If the Event ID is 3006, we may check this article:

    Note: this is not from MS, just for your reference.

    Hope the above information helps.

    Alex Zhu

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  2. answered 2020-12-04T10:37:34.91+00:00
    Stoyan Chalakov 8,806 Reputation points Microsoft MVP

    Hi @Richard Scott ,

    Here a couple of thoughts, besides what Alex already mentioned:

    • What version of SCOM are you using and did you update your agent to the latetst UR level?
    • How long does it take after you restart the agent to get to the 20% CPU?
    • Which event is your application log flooded with? How did you check if SCOM collects it? (I would certainly run a SQL query on the DW for that):

    select * from Event.vEvent ev
    inner join Event.vEventDetail evd on ev.eventoriginid = evd.eventoriginid
    inner join Event.vEventParameter evp on ev.eventoriginid = evp.eventoriginid
    where eventdisplaynumber = '6022'

    You can replace the 6022 with the event Id from the Application lof and make sure it isn't collected indeed.


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